Adam Thomas

SU President Manifesto


Hello, my name is Adam Thomas, and I am a trombone player from Alabama in the second year of my Masters. I am running for SU President because I am an effective organizer and communicator and think I would be well suited for the role. During my undergraduate, I was secretary of a student group called the Trombones of North Texas. We planned social events, arranged student concerts, hosted guests artists, and fundraised. My experience from this position has left me well prepared to take on the duties as RCM’s Student Union President. I am excited to apply for this role because I think I can do a lot to help RCM Students!

Student Societies

One of my top priorities is to promote the student societies and ensure that they have more opportunities to pursue their interests and showcase their talents.

I believe that student societies are the backbone of our community, and they deserve our support. These societies bring together students who share a common passion, and they provide a platform for us to express ourselves. That is why I want to work closely with the society leaders to understand their needs and help them reach their full potential.

In particular, I want SU music groups to have the opportunities to perform at college functions. I believe that SU music groups such as the Big Band, Brass Band, Folk Music society, etc. add a unique flavor to any event and bring us together to have fun making music. I will work with the event organizers to ensure that society bands are given a fair chance to perform and showcase their talents.

Freshers Week and Events

Freshers Week is a crucial time for our new students to become incorporated into the student environment and feel at home. That's why I am passionate about making this week an exciting and memorable experience for everyone. I plan to organize a diverse range of events that will be a lot of fun and get everyone introduced to RCM’s great community. My favorite event that I want to bring back is the graduate student “Speed dating” where everyone gets a chance to meet their fellow graduate students. And of course we will be organizing the events throughout the year like the Boat Party, the Christmas party, Spring Break Party, and the Summer Ball. 

Practice Space

A  significant issue that is affecting students is the lack of practice space. We all understand the importance of having a dedicated space to rehearse and perfect our craft. Unfortunately, due to the limited availability of practice spaces, many of us are struggling to find a suitable place to practice during certain times of the day. As your elected representative, I will work to implement solutions that will alleviate this problem and ensure that we have access to the space they need.

By implementing these solutions, we can ensure that every musician in our community has access to the space they need to perfect their craft. I am committed to working tirelessly to address this issue and to making our community a more vibrant and supportive place for our musicians. 


As your President, I promise to always be available to listen to your concerns and work tirelessly to address them.

Why should you vote for me? Well, I am a great communicator. I have the ability to listen to you attentively, understand your needs and collaborate with you to come up with the best possible solutions. I am also a great speaker and can clearly articulate my ideas and plans to move our student community forward.

I am committed to creating a welcoming environment for everyone on campus. I strongly believe in representing every student and making sure that their voices are heard. As your President, I will work hard to make sure that your opinions are taken into account when making important decisions.

I will be available to students to come to with issues. I promise to be accessible, approachable and responsive to your needs. I will work closely with other members of the Student Union to make sure that your concerns are addressed as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

(0) 7464 871731

+1-205-447-7406 (whatsapp) 

Also Facebook and Instagram @adamthomastrombone